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Physical Presence

The AMS-IX Bay Area infrastructure is currently housed in four data centers with a secure and controlled environment. At these data centers, customers can connect to the infrastructure locally by a cross-connect between their equipment and the AMS-IX Bay Area patch panel. The colocation facility itself is independent of AMS-IX Bay Area and therefore any issues regarding the housing of equipment at this site needs to be directed towards the colocation management directly. Note that you must have an agreement with the colocation facility before you can connect to the AMS-IX Bay Area network.

Coresite Logo Digital Realty Logo Hurricane Electric Logo Dlr Telx Logo 01
CoreSite SV1
55 S Market St #104
San Jose, CA
Digital Realty
365 Main Street
San Francisco, CA
Hurricane Electric Fremont 2  
48233 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA
Digital Realty/Telx SFR1  
200 Paul Avenue
San Francisco, CA

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Other colocations from where to connect to AMS-IX Bay Area via partner Megaport

You can also reach AMS-IX Bay Area from any Megaport-enabled location. Megaport offers the AMS-IX Internet Exchange (“peering”) service in the following data centers:

Equinix SV1
11 Great Oaks Boulevard
San Jose, CA
Digital Realty SCL2
2820 Northwestern Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA

To order an AMS-IX peering service through Megaport:

  1. Sign up for an account / Sign in at
  2. Create a megaport in one of the locations already enabled
  3. Add a virtual cross connect to AMS-IX and have that deployed in 59 seconds

To see this in action visit for a detailed video walkthrough.